T.J. Marquart & Sons, Inc - Truck Repair Expansion

Truck Repair Expansion on Route 19, Gainesville, New York

Established in 1967 as a family farm partnership, T. J. Marquart and Sons, Inc. located in the Town of Gainesville, is one of 6 entities owned by the Marquart family. Along with crops (including the potato washing and storage business), the dairy, realty and trucking make T.J. Marquart and Sons, Inc. and its affiliates, one of the largest employers in Wyoming County, and growing. Marquart's have recognized the needs of municipalities and school districts to have their trucks and buses serviced and repaired in the county verses outside of the county where the time and costs are more.

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T.J. Marquart and Sons, Inc. is constructing a 30,375 square foot steel building to house the expansion to its existing truck repair facility. The business currently has 40 employees at this location and expects to create 40 additional fulltime jobs in the county over the next 3 years. The expansion project is a $4.7 million investment with IDA incentives projected, over a ten year period, to be $885,665.