Company History:

Delaware River Solar (DRS) is a Community Solar Farm developer in New York State. DRS develops, constructs and operates solar farms and sell the energy generated to local residents and businesses.  NY Pike III, LLC, an affiliate of Delaware River Solar, will be located on Telegraph Road in the Town of Pike. This project is one of four that will be developed in the Town of Pike by DRS. 

Project Description:

NY Pike III, LLC a 3.8MW project which will consist of racking, solar modules, inverter, electric wiring and other system components required for the installation and operation of this solar generating system. The project will cover approximately 39.49 acres and will have a total cost of $7.7M.


The Company requests IDA incentives for exemption of sales tax on construction materials and non-production equipment, a mortgage recording tax exemption, and a deviated PILOT agreement for abatement of property tax.  Approximate value of these incentives is expected to be more than $100,000; therefore, a public hearing is required