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Company History

Based in Orchard Park, NY, with another office in Corning, NY, The Krog Corp. was founded in 1995 by professional engineer Peter J. Krog and is one of the top construction firms in the area. In 2008 Krog formed the limited liability company, Arcade REHC 1, LLC, and purchased the Arcade Business Park from the WCIDA. Krog built a 16,000 square feet building on the property and leased approximately half of the space to Base Technology. Last year Base Technology out grew the space it was in and leased the additional building space available to accommodate its growth. Currently Base Tech is looking, once again to expand due the acquisition of two out of state businesses. In order to accommodate the need for additional space, Arcade REHC 1, LLC is now planning an expansion.

Project Description

The Company is constructing an 18,000 square foot addition to its existing facility to allow for the expansion of its existing tenants, Base Technology. The total capital investment is expected to be $1,425,000. The Company requests abatement of sales tax on construction materials and non-production equipment, a PILOT agreement for temporary abatement of property tax and abatement of Mortgage recording tax on approximately $1,200,000. Approximate value of these incentives is more than $100,000; therefore a public hearing was held on November 4, 2015.

Project Documents