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Company History

The O'Connell Organization is a family owned and operated real estate development business with over 150 properties in New York State. Over the past 45 years, the organization has rehabilitated dozens of residential and commercial properties in the Red Hook, Columbia Street Waterfront, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill areas of Brooklyn. O'Connell also revitalized Main Street Mount Morris making it the rejuvenated Village that it is today. The O'Connell Organization is committed to the well-being of the community and the cultivation of vibrant and diverse local businesses, arts and culture.

O'Connell acquired the buildings at 1 - 5, 13 - 15 Main Street Perry through auction two years ago with plans to refurbish the old buildings and make them usable again.

Project Description

The project will include renovation of the currently vacant buildings making available mixed use space with 12 apartments and 4 storefronts. The project cost is projected at $660,000. The Company has requested abatement of sales tax on construction materials and non-production equipment and a PILOT agreement for temporary abatement of property tax. No abatement of mortgage recording tax is requested.

Approximate value of these incentives is more than $100,000; therefore a public hearing was necessary. Total incentives proposed, over a 15 year period, are estimated to be $260,000. A Public Hearing was held in the Village of Perry in June 5, 2017, a copy of the minutes from that hearing are attached.

Project Documents