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Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

Company History

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a unique wild animal park located at 2887 Royce Road Varysburg, New York. The Park is home to over 400 animals representing more than 40 species from around the world. The Park opened in 2010 offering guided wild game safari tours and featuring over 2 miles of trails on 63 acres of land. The Park also boasts a beautiful rustic style restaurant and lodge which is open for lunch, dinner, weddings and special occasion bookings.

Project Description

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure has determined the need for an additional building to house large animals which live at the Adventure Park through the winter months. Currently, some of the animals are housed off-site which creates an additional cost for housing facilities and oversight to be sure the animals are cared for in the best way. Other animals that are not able to be housed in off-site locations are left outdoors or with inadequate housing for weather conditions in the winter months which results in additional costs for animal health care and possible loss of animals. Hidden Valley has decided to construct a 226’x 80’ animal housing facility to accommodate the animals on site during the winter. The on-site housing will create a more efficient location for managing animal care and provide needed shelter to reduce the potential for health issues and loss of animals during the colder months. The new facility will also allow Hidden Valley to provide a viewing area to attract visitors to the Park in the late Fall and Winter months to enjoy the animals, learn about animal care and increase revenues for the business. Being able to house the animals and provide a healthier environment will also allow Hidden Valley to more cost effectively raise the animals used for consumption at the Hidden Valley Lodge and Restaurant.


Hidden Valley Animal Adventure has requested that the WCIDA provide tax incentives to assist in the construction of a new animal housing and viewing facility. IDA incentives will include sales tax abatement on an amount not to exceed $300,000, mortgage recording tax abatement on an amount up to $475,000 and real property tax abatement pursuant to a Tourism Destination Project IDA PILOT agreement. The total cost of the project is estimated at $477,351. IDA incentives requested would exceed $100,000, therefore a public hearing was held on February 13, 2020.

Project Documents