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Company History

Mr. Bellamy purchased the property in 2016 which consisted of approximately 5 acres with a rundown cottage and a couple of out buildings. The owner has since made improvements to the property and is now proposing to renovate and construct a year round tourist destination to enjoy what Silver Lake has to offer. The plan is to attract tourist from outside the area to come and stay in Wyoming County, use the water centric activities to be provided and also enjoy other local tourist destinations within Wyoming County.

Project Description

The project will include renovation of the current buildings making available accommodations to stay and enjoy the Lake in every season. The project includes the construction of a pole building, sewer and break wall, renovations to the boat house, landscaping, equipment and furnishings. The mission is to offer relaxed, comfortable overnight accommodations and water-centric recreation on Silver Lake. The project proposes to provide many outdoor options such as glamping, sailing, fishing, ice fishing, geo- caching and other on-water recreation which is either not offered or limited in Wyoming County currently. The project cost is projected at $492,000.


The Company has requested abatement of sales tax on construction materials and non-production equipment and a “Tourism Destination” PILOT agreement for temporary abatement of property tax. No abatement of mortgage recording tax is requested. Approximate value of these incentives is more than $100,000; therefore a public hearing was necessary. The minutes from that hearing are attached.

Project Documents