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WCBC North LLC - Former Emkay Site

Project Description

The proposed brownfield cleanup site consists of two contiguous parcels owned by WCBC North, LLC (WCBC North) located at 58 Church Street within a primarily residential neighborhood in the Village of Arcade. The site adjoins single family dwellings and an affordable housing complex to the north. To the south, Cattaraugus Creek separates the site from Main Street business district and the Pioneer Arcade Elementary School. The site was used for dairy processing and manufacturing since at least 1912. A former wastewater treatment facility constructed circa 1963 occupies the western portion of the site. A filling station in the northwestern portion of the site included a dispensing island and four underground storage tanks. Other previous uses include machine shops, blacksmith, paint shop, tin shop, cooper shop and oil house. 

The site is currently vacant and abandoned. Selective and unpermitted demolition and salvage operations over the last decade left the remnants of a building complex on the site in a substantially deteriorated state. Piles of demolition debris are located throughout the site. Remediation of the contamination at the site is needed to eliminate hazards to children and others who may come in contact with contaminants. Cleanup will allow for redevelopment of the site for residential and business uses that align with the Village’s land use plans.

A mix of residential and business uses is proposed. The proposed redevelopment plan envisions 80 market-rate apartments with attractive amenities and features targeted to seniors. A 2021 Market Study reported that there is market support for up to 80 units. Business uses are proposed on a portion of the site. Land adjoining Cattaraugus Creek will be preserved for natural resource conservation and recreation.

Plan for Remediation

WCBC North’s overall objective for this project is to remove the physical and chemical hazards currently associated with the site and facilitate the redevelopment of the site for a mixture of senior housing and commercial use. The project work to be funded under this cooperative agreement will address the removal of asbestos-containing demolition debris and the demolition of the remaining structures on the site. Once these EPA grant-funded activities are complete, the designated private developer will complete the remediation of subsurface contamination under the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) and redevelop the site for the intended use.

The goal of the cleanup work to be conducted under this grant is to prepare the site for remediation and redevelopment under the BCP by removing the contaminated demolition debris and building remnants. This goal will be accomplished by performing non-site-specific tasks and site-specific tasks. Non-site-specific tasks include hiring a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP), asbestos abatement contractor and demolition contractor, and performing public outreach. Site-specific tasks include preparing a community relations plan, completing asbestos abatement and controlled building demolition, and preparing plans for redevelopment.

Cooperative agreement funding will be used to cover the costs of activities at or in direct support of brownfields sites as defined under CERCLA 101(39). The overall coordination of the cooperative agreement will be carried out by the WCBC North, LLC Project Manager, with technical assistance and oversight to be performed by a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP.)

Project Documents

Cooperative Agreement
Brownfield cleanup grant cooperative agreement
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