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Celebrating an Entrepreneurial Trailblazer in Wyoming County, NY

In the heart of Perry, New York, along the quaint Main Street lined with revitalized storefronts, Brianne Blaszak's journey with Endlessly Outdoors Company stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and community impact. Brianne's story began years ago, fueled by a passion for outdoor adventure and a vision to blend commerce with community enrichment.

Brianne's entrepreneurial path was significantly shaped by the Wyoming County Business Fast Track Program, where she honed her skills and networked within Wyoming County's tight-knit business community. Armed with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, Brianne transformed her vision into reality, opening Endlessly Outdoors Company in September 2020. Her store quickly became a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, offering not just gear but also a hub for adventure programming and community engagement.

The accolades soon followed. In 2021, Brianne was honored with the Wyoming County Chamber & Tourism Award for Most Promising New Business of the Year, recognizing her contributions to local economic vitality and quality of life. Her involvement didn't stop there; Brianne actively participated in the Wyoming County Business Mentorship Program and graduated from the Wyoming County Business Accelerator Academy in 2022, continually refining her entrepreneurial skills.

Beyond business success, Brianne's dedication to community involvement is exemplary. She co-launched the Wyoming County Adventure Bingo, encouraging families to explore the county's natural beauty. Her collaboration with the Warsaw Village Chamber of Commerce resulted in the annual Shamrock in the Valley 5k event. Brianne also invests in youth through programs like the Wyoming County Youth Bureau's Stars of Tomorrow, fostering team-building and leadership skills.

Recognized for her achievements, Brianne received the NYS AHPERD Adventure Recreation Education Amazing Person Award in 2023, underscoring her impact on the adventure recreation community in Western New York.

Reflecting on her journey, Brianne acknowledges the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Every milestone has been a testament to her resilience and passion, from signing the paperwork establishing the business to the joy of making her first sale. Her mantra—believing in what she could do—has not only shaped her business but has also inspired others in Wyoming County and beyond.

As Endlessly Outdoors Company continues to thrive in Perry, Brianne Blaszak's story remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her dedication to both business excellence and community enrichment serves as a reminder that with determination, support, and a clear vision, anything is possible—even turning a dream into a thriving reality amidst the picturesque streets of Perry, New York.

Endlessly Outdoors Company
8 Covington Street
Perry, New York 14530
(585) 969-4441


Hear from Brianne Blaszak, Owner of Endlessly Outdoor Company.