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Company History

Alle-Catt Wind Energy LLC is owned and operated by Invenergy, the largest clean energy company in the US, located in Chicago, IL. Invenergy LLC Has successfully developed and constructed two wind farm projects in Wyoming County; High Sheldon Wind and Stony Creek Energy. Recently the IDA Board approved the Orangeville Energy Storage Project in the Town of Orangeville and the Company continues to grow and develop new technologies to utilize green energy sources in the most efficient way possible.

Project Description

The Alle-Catt Wind Farm, a 340 MW wind project being developed by Invenergy affiliate Alle-Catt Wind Energy LLC on over 30,000 acres of leased land in Wyoming, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties in the towns of Arcade, Freedom, Farmersville, Centerville, and Rushford. The Company plans to construct 13 wind turbines, approximately 12% of the total project, in the Town of Arcade in Wyoming County with an investment of $72,921,600.


The Company requests IDA incentives which include: sales tax exemption on construction materials and non-production equipment having a total cost not to exceed $11,667,450; mortgage recording tax exemption on one or more mortgages in an amount not to exceed $36,460,800; and real property tax abatement pursuant to a customized, non-standard IDA PILOT agreement. Approximate value of these incentives is expected to be more than $100,000; therefore, a public hearing was held on September 3, 2020 at 2p.m. via Zoom Meetings.

Project Documents