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Company History

Founded in 2000, the company is family owned and operated by Ted, Phil, Michele and Jen Hobin. Maple Grove Enterprises specializes in millwright services, custom metal fabrication, sandblasting, painting and welding services to industry throughout the Northeast. The business employed 24 people; it is expected that 12 new jobs will be created over the next 3 years.

Project Description

Maple Grove Enterprises expanded its facility by building a new 70 feet by 100 feet steel structure to bridge two existing buildings to allow for needed space for manufacturing and fabricating.


The Company asked for a PILOT agreement for temporary abatement of property tax, abatement of sales tax on construction materials and non-production equipment as well as an abatement of mortgage recording tax. Approximate value of these incentives was less than $100,000; therefore a public hearing was not scheduled.

Project Documents