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Company History

Texas Brine is a family-owned business based in Houston, with a proud heritage in salt-related businesses since 1926. Texas Brine helped pioneer the commercial production of brine through solution mining in Texas salt domes, developing its first well in 1946, and co-founded the Solution Mining Research Institute to promote understanding and expertise in the evolving field. Texas Brine Company, LLC, together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the largest independent brine producer in the United States, supplying over 30 percent of the brine requirements of the chlor-alkali industry.

Project Description

The project is the drilling of new brine wells and construction and installation of infrastructure serving the wells. This project delivers a saturated brine solution to our customer in Niagara Falls NY through a 63-mile pipeline. The project is permitted to draw a limited amount of brine from each well. When that limit is reached the well is plugged and a new well is drilled to take its place. Each year capital investment is required, as new pipelines, electrical cables, communication wires, well enclosures, driveways and other ancillary services are built to support the new wells. Everything is built using local contracting firms that bid on the work through a competitive process.


The Company requests a deviated PILOT agreement for temporary abatement of property tax. Approximate value of these incentives is expected to be more than $100,000; therefore, a public hearing was held on January 3, 2019.

Project Documents