The Wyoming County IDA's mission is to encourage and increase private investment that creates new job opportunities, retains and stabilizes the existing employment base, and generates added tax revenues through increased economic activity in Wyoming County.

Our Vision

In a climate of continually emerging economic challenges, the Wyoming County IDA provides collaborative and visionary leadership in economic development that fosters retention, expansion, and creation of businesses and jobs.

Our Values

We believe that:

  • We have an obligation to act prudently, consistently, and responsibly while being independent of-yet sensitive to-external influences
  • We will become economic development leaders by being proactive, encouraging private investment, providing business education opportunities, supporting small business growth, and adapting to an ever-changing environment
  • Through clearly defined roles and responsibilities, we can be instrumental in the creation of a countywide economic development plan
  • We should serve as a facilitator in strengthening existing business and economic vitality as well as for fostering new economic opportunities
  • We should not be the lender of first or last resort, but instead work in partnership with other lenders who have mutual goals
  • Economic development should be the primary focus of wind money revenues
  • Economic development is more important than fee generation
  • Economic development will occur through visionary leadership operating in a climate of fairness and open minds
  • Entrepreneurship will fuel growth in Wyoming County
  • Great collaborations lead to great successes