Wind Farm Projects

In 2007 the WCIDA was presented with an application from Noble Energy proposing a 67 turbine wind park in the town of Eagle. The project, like others that followed, were examined and studied extensively to identify the environmental impacts of such projects. In the end the project was determined by the local town board to be acceptable as the environmental impacts, which there were some to be addressed, did not outweigh the benefits provided to the residents of the town for such a large investment in its community. The IDA held a public hearing and found the benefits exceeded the concerns and therefore granted the project IDA assistance.


Each Wind Project had considerable investment by the project owners and the local communities receive a fee for hosting the project. These fees enabled the host towns to reduce and / or remove the town tax to its residents. The project owners invest in improvements to the local roads and emergency services which not only benefits the project but the local municipalities as well.

The WCIDA also receives a fee for providing the tax incentives, as with any project approved for assistance. With the fees earned the WCIDA has been able to support projects across the county that it would not have been able to before the wind projects. The WCIDA has increased its loan portfolio from $1million to just over $4 million in loans to local businesses today.

Wind Farm Projects in Wyoming County

Noble Bliss Wind Park

The 67 wind turbine project began producing electricity in 2008. This project pioneered wind farm projects of its size in the county. Working with the Eagle Town officials Noble paved the way for other wind projects in Wyoming County. The WCIDA provided property and sales tax incentives which made the project feasible.

Noble Wethersfield Wind Park

The 58 wind turbine project began producing electricity in 2009. Noble worked with the Town of Wethersfield officials to bring this project to fruition. The WCIDA provided property and sales tax incentives.

Noble Wind Operations, LLC

Noble Wind Operations, LLC built an operations and maintenance facility in the Town of Wethersfield where it serves as base for 14 full time field technicians, management and administrative personnel.

High Sheldon Wind Farm

High Sheldon Wind Farm completed construction in 2009 and began producing electricity. The parent company, Invenergy, worked with Sheldon Town officials to construct 85, 1.5 megawatt turbines. Wyoming County now has more operating wind turbines than any other county in New York State.


Invenergy has constructed a permanent operations facility in the Town of Sheldon where it employees 9 full time technicians, management and administrative personnel

Stony Creek Wind Farm

Stony Creek Wind Farm owned by Invenergy is the last wind project constructed in the county. The 38 turbine wind park started construction in the Town of Orangeville in 2013. The WCIDA has committed to providing property and sales tax incentives to this project.